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    How do I publish an eBook for Digital Editions.

      After days of unsuccessfully trying to find out from the Adobe website and hotline how to publish an eBook for Digital Editions, I hope this forum can help.

      We are looking for a good secure eBook system and have been looking at the various products on the market. We are currently using PDF based http://www.secure-eBook.com which works well, but only supports windows based eBooks and we need a solution which will also work with a Mac and possibly further platforms (Linux, Windows Mobile, Palm, etc.) at least in future.

      According to our research, only Digital Editions will currently work with both the Windows and Macintosh operating systems and we are trying to work out what we have to do to publish our eBook, currently in PDF format, into a format usable with Digital Editions with Digital Rights Management.

      What we need to do is the following:

      1. Convert our PDF eBook into a form that can be sold with DRM on both Windows and Mac platforms.
      2. On our own website, describe the eBook and guide the potential customer to a Buy me type button.
      3. The customer clicks on this button and this takes him to a server (probably run by Adobe) where the customer can enter his details, make the payment and then be sent to a download page.
      4. After payment, a license key is sent to the customer from Adobes servers which the customer can use to activate his eBook.
      5. The customer can download the eBook preferably from a hidden page from our website for use with Digital Editions.
      6. The customer enters his code and can enjoy the eBook.
      7. If the customer sends the eBooks to his friends, they are not able to read the eBook without purchasing their own license (even if the initial customer has sent them their license number as well). In other words, DRM protects against any copyright breech.
      8. Customer is permitted to print at least part of the eBook.

      We plan to release a major eBook (over 750 pages) later this month and expect many thousands of orders. It is therefore urgent for us to solve the problem of marketing the eBook to both the Windows and Mac platforms.

      Another question is does this system also work on 64bit windows versions?

      I look forward to any replies.


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          Jim Lester Level 4
          The only DRM solution that Adobe Digital Editions supports is the DRM provided by Adobe Content Server http://www.adobe.com/products/contentserver/
          You need to evaluate if this meets your needs, which it probably won't, since Adobe does not currently have a hosted version of Content Server, so as Content Server customer you are expected to host your own license server, content, and store (including payment processing).

          Your only other alternative to hosting your own solution, would be to talk to current Content Server customers to see if you can work out a deal to have them publish your content. The Content Server user to user forum is at http://www.adobeforums.com/cgi-bin/webx/.2ccf0f6a/

          Jim Lester
          Adobe Systems
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            Jim Lester Level 4
            FYI: A current list of ACS4 partners is at: