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    Usability issues

      1. I can't see two open books at once.

      This seems so unreasonable, and so easily fixable, that I must be doing something wrong. But I can't have two copies of Digital Editions running at once, and I can't see a way from within the program of displaying two documents at once.

      2. Those of us with less than youthful eyesight have problems with grey objects (numbers, menus, icons, scrollbar, highlighted chapter) on only slightly darker grey backgrounds.

      3. Why doesn't the "Best Practices" document follow its own best practices? I spotted that it doesn't markup headers as headers. There may be other problems.

      4. As someone else mentioned, "find" should be able to seach across volumes within a library. It would also benefit from more sophistication, like find "molecular" NEAR "biology".

      5. Navigation without the mouse isn't easy. I'm limited to Home/End/prevPage/nextPage. I can highlight a chapter title by tabbing, but can't view the text without clicking the mouse. Again, so unreasonable and fixable that I must be doing something wrong.