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    Moving library to another disk

      Adobe Digital Editions stores e-books under «C:\My Documents\My Digital Editions». However, my disk is now full and I wonder how do I move them to another disk. I use Windows XP. Please help! Thanks in advance for your reply.
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          Great question! My drive is not full but I don't want to be either. Why would Adobe but data in the OS area... all that does is bloat the OS area. Haven't they heard of data security and making backing up data easy? If I have to roll back to an earlier clone of my OS to get rid of a problem.... why should I lose data?

          I found the books and moved them to data drive but they won't work in DE.. but to date Adobe hasn't showed me why I would even want DE on my computer to begin with!

          In today's world it is sad to see any software vendor not asking for the computer user to decide where they want to place any user/transferable data media. I have three computer at the house and I'm the only one here. I want to be able to back up all my data and move it as I travel....

          DE is not up to Adobe's standards!
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            Alevantis Level 1
            Thanks Steven. I expect a reply from Adobe now.