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    "Stand-alone" Installer Problems

      Hi there.

      I was hoping that there may be someone here who can advise me with a problem we are having with the stand-alone installer.

      The problems we are having suggest that it is in fact not a stand-alone installer, although hopefully someone can prove me wrong!

      After ADE is installed, using the stand-alone installer, no matter how many timnes I attempt to load a document, the DE detector tells me that ADE is not installed, and asks me to install. This is a never-ending loop. That's what happens in IE7.

      In Firefox, the detector does detect it, but halfway through the install it fails.

      The result of this is we can't open DRM protected eBooks on any of our open-access PCs due to ADE not working, even though we have installed it using the stand-alone installer.

      All PCs are XP SP3, browsers are IE7 and FF3.0, and users log into the PCs with basic 'User' privileges. Student's 'My Documents' folder is mapped to a network drive when they log on.

      Can anyone help?

      Kind Regards,

      Ian Lundell
      University of Sunderland, UK