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      here we go again. This newsgroup is not available on NNTP and the Labs forum which is, is locked. Will NNTP access be available soon?

      Meanwhile .. I asked on Labs but I guess the last several messages cannot be answered. I imported a PDF to Digital Editions which worked great, except DE is calling it untitled instead of the real title of the PDF.

      How can I change the title in DE so that the real title appears? I have scoured the UI, but can't find a place to do this.

      Nancy Gill
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          There is currently no way to do that from within DE. You can change the title in the PDF with Acrobat if it is not DRM-protected (File/Properties). But if it is already encrypted, then there is little to be done. Bottom line, the author of the eBook needs to correctly populate the metadata before the books is packaged. That said, we are evaluating what additional metadata could be added by users to books in their library.