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    Error on reading loaned books

      DE's FAQs clearly state "Digital Editions fully supports ACS DRM technology and is designed to work smoothly with existing library eBook lending services based on the ACS infrastructure." Unfortunately, I "upgraded" to Adobe 8.1 from 7, and I now get an error message that "Loaned books cannot be imported from Reader". I know that "Reader 8 no longer (has) direct support for ACS DRM technology or for managing a library of eBooks. Instead, they feature integration with the new Digital Editions product, via the Digital Editions menu item (under File menu in Reader 8) and via a product launch if a user attempts to open an ACS-protected PDF document in Acrobat 8 or Reader 8." The product launched, showed me all my eBooks, and then told too bad, so sad, check your import.log
      Any solutions?