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    Annotations not saved!

      My annotations have disappeared from my ebook! I have one idea that it might be because my internet connection was coming on and off a bit yesterday but surely it should warn me if it has gone into offline mode or something...does it need to be connected to the internet to save annotations? I'm trying to do a Phd and if I can't trust that my annotations won't be lost this tool is totally useless to me...what am I doing wrong?
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          The annotations that you make are stored in a folder called Annotations in the My Digital Editions directory. They are in XML format. Open this folder to see if there are annotation files inside (they will have the same name as the eBook you annotated, except with a .xml extention). Since all annotations are stored locally, a faulty internet connection should have no effect on your ability to save the annotations. (Assuming you are a local user, not on roaming profile)
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            Having a similar problem, but the XML files are in place, so that's not an issue. I've uninstalled and re-installed DE, and tried 4 different PDF files. I annotate each one, verify that the annotations work during the current sesssion, and then exit. When I start DE again, none of the annotations are shown, even though the XML files are apparently correct. ....argh!
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              Having the same problem. Downloaded a book, highlighted segments, quit, reopened, the highlights were still there. So spent two hours highlighting and underlining. Quit out of program - reopened - and ALL the NEW highlighting, etc, had disappeared, but the OLD stuff (just a couple of pages) remained. Curious! However, MAY have found a solution that you might try (do test it thoroughly though). Now I'm on Mac (Leopard), so assuming our settings and window displays are the same: After you've done your highlighting, go to DOCUMENTS in the menu bar, then to COMMENTS then to EXPORT FILES and on the drop-down 'Format' menu, CHOOSE 'Acrobat XFDF Files'. So far, my exported file has RETAINED ALL ANNOTATIONS... but who knows, tomorrow might be different. And to quote from Shakespeare in Love: "It's a mystery..."
              Cheers - Randal Flynn

              P.S. I have NO Annotations Folder in 'My Digital Editions'... What does that mean?
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                Leopard is NOT yet supported. Can the other two people reporting this problem give us more info on type of computer, OS version? You do NOT have to be online. I am assuming you did exit the app properly (no crash or force quit).
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                  Hello Ric,
                  I am using a PC -windows XP professional edition. After the response from Piotr Kula I checked the My digital editions folder and I couldn't see any xml files -there wasn't a folder called annotations there. There were .fdf files there which contained annotations which I think I made using Adobe reader. After that I just didn't bother using digital editions for a while. But when I got your response today I just annotated again in digital editions and when I reopened the file the annotation was there. In My digital editions an annotations folder had appeared and the xml file was there. But why didn't it work before? I did exit the app properly. It would be nice if it was a bit like word where if you make changes you can click save and actually witness that the file has been created before you close the program (or your computer crashes!) and you potentially lose changes. Also wondered if it is something to do with the flash player settings and the settings about how much local can store on your computer -mines set to 100kb at the moment.
                  Thanks for any help you can offer.
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                    Hi All,
                    I am new to annotations.. I need an example how to
                    Annotate an PDF and save the annotations.

                    Thanks and Regards
                    Aditya Marla