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    Portability of Purchased Books Question?

      I purchased a couple ebooks and downloaded them onto my work laptop. I would like to view them from home on my home PC as well. Is it true that I'm out of luck? e-books.com's e-mail letter states that the books I downloaded can only be read on one computer.

      I thought the purpose of e-books was to emulate real books. I can carry a book from the office to my home and read it whereever I choose. Why am I limited with a digital version? Wouldn't it make MORE SENSE to allow the user to download a purchased book to more than one computer that he/she uses? i.e. user based licensing and not hardware specific.

      I'm new to this media so if you know of a way to move an e-book from one computer to another I would appreciate the tip. I posted a note about using a tumb drive, then I could take the book, bookmarks... from PC to PC.