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    Exporting book to Digital Editions


      I'm having quite a lot of problems in exporting a book I've created to Digital Editions and I'm sure there must be others in my situations also.

      The books exports fine to pdf and is fully functional.As soon as I export to DE, all pages exported are absolutely blank, no text, no styling, no images no nothing.

      Does anyone have any idea why this happens? Are there any special settings I must make first or do I need to redesign the book in a certain way in order to export it to DE?

      Also, I'm not sure exactly how I can after that protect the book exported to DE? How exactly can I create licenses for people that will be buying the book?

      I wasn't able to find any resources that showed me how to do this.Can you please redirect me to the right area if there is one that answers these questions?
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          To help you, you need to give some more specific information about the book. When you say export to DE, do you mean export to .epub?

          What format is the book in? What program are you using to export the book to .epub? And what OS are you running?

          Also, I'll get back to you shortly about a way to license the book.
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            It seems it was a problem on my side.Since documentation is still pretty scarce I thought I had to convert my book to .epub

            I later found out that I can still leave it as a pdf and protect it with DRM and buyers would be able to view it with Digital Editions.

            This leave me with one question:

            How can I license the book under reasonable fees? I contacted some of the ADEPT Adobe partners, only LightningSource replied so far and if I want to sell the book on my site only and not on their partner's websites I need to pay $5,000 plus some other fees.

            This is outrageous.

            By the way things look it seems that people will either have to pay outrageous fees to sell the book on their own or be forced to see on sites they have no control over but to which they have to pay comissions too besides the cost of DRM.
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              I'm not sure if I should open a separate topic for licensing only, so excuse me if i'm not approaching the subject correctly.

              I'm faced with 2 big options now: either (hopefully) one of the rest of ADEPT partners will reply to my email and tell me I can sell the book on my site without having to pay outrageous fees, or I use a service similar to Secure-Ebook.com

              I really wouldn't want to package my book into an .exe if there was any other cheap alternative to this.It's neither an elegant approach or a very functional one.

              Hopefully someone can help.
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                Adobe is working with one of the partners and a new ADEP service will become available later in August.

                We will post the information as soon it will become available. Please check back later.