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      Please fix the compatibility issues with DRM PDF files(especially those with PICTURES NOT SHOWING UP!)!!!!

      I understand you may be short staffed, however, a company as big as adobe should understand the consequences of legal action.

      Lets see:
      I bought something that uses your technology in order to use.
      This product does not work because of your non support.
      AND you're not offering a proper workaround other than: "please fall back to reader 7" except.. WAIT!... it's not avaliable for download for vista, only version 8 is.
      And on top of all this, the store which I bought the product from does not offer refunds because of this issue.

      So maybe adobe would like to fix this piece of software, or maybe you can give me my money back for what I bought...
          I have similar problem as this. I found that the texts on some figures become strange: some of them are overlapping, some of them disappear. It becomes very hard to read.
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            I also just purchased an ebook online and what a stupid mistake i made, i will never buy another ebook again and Adobe's software, particularly this dumb Digital Editions Rubbish.

            What good is it for portability when you cannot even transfer that ebook you purchased to another computer of yours especially your laptop?. I happened to have 6 pcs and one laptop in my home.

            Please for sanity's sake fix this problem once and for all. We are NOT proud of your software anymore.

            Extremely Disappointed User
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              We understand your frustration, especially about the non-portability. WE are in fact fixing that with DE 1.5, which will be released very soon. The team is working 7 days a week to get it ready. We are also working on adding support for JPEG2000, but that will take a little longer.
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                I have had success with Vista, ADE, and Adobe Reader 7. Check out

                The page is quite long winded and repeats itself many times. I get the silly vista incompatibility message that I recently turned off, but yet to have had issues. I see all the images in my ebooks which I rely upon for my consulting business. I look forward to updates to ADE 1.5 which I am hoping will work well with Adobe 8? I am not sure whether it is a feature that my annotations and bookmarks never stick, or whether I just don't get how to save them.

                I have just bought a second notebook, and know that if I have any troubles, the team at BooksOnBoard will help as they have in the past when I made a silly blunder.
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                  The issue you are seeing is that a small (but not insignificant) number of publishing houses are using JPEG2000. JPEG2000 has some very interesting IP issues. We have finally worked around these issues and the next major release of DE (post 1.5) will provide support for JPEG2000. In the meantime, if you absolutely must have JPEG2000 support, then Reader 7.x is the answer.
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                    Well, adobe keeps promising the jpeg2000 support (for more than a year now), but seems like its just to shut up customers.
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                      If you are going to scrap ADE, please release the Jpg2000 fix b4 doing so..that is the least you could do ?
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                        I too have an ebook I cannot see the graphix in. The offered solution of Reader 7 is not an option as Adobe won't allow it to be activate it as it is no longer supported!


                        Take alot to convince me to not get a hardcopy in the future.

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                          there are still issues with digital editions. your promises are nothing more than that, promises. you stated the issues would be resolved in version 1.5, well i'm using version 1.7 and the issue remains. i was able to use adobe reader version 7 untill you disabled it's ability to read DRM content.

                          WHAT IS THE BIG ******* HOLD UP???


                          PULL YOUR FINGERS OUT OF YOUR *** AND FIX THIS!

                          IT"S LITERALLY BEEN YEARS NOW>

                          thank you.

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                            ...so apparently JPEG 2000 support is just too big a deal for Adobe. Who'd of thought a company as reputable as Adobe would have their own rearends handed to themselves by something so trivial as JPEG 2000 support. I wonder how many people out there got ripped off and are now holding something they cannot use, something that they paid for. I also wonder how many more lies we'll hear from their support staff.

                            completely unacceptable...BOOOOOOOOO!!!! you stink! BOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ^_^