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    E-Book No Longer Opens

      I have too many books, so I decided to try out buying e-books instead.

      I bought my first e-book online. I had to download Adobe Digital Editions to read it. Imagine my disappointment when I found out that I didn't get a regular PDF file. When I buy a hard copy, the book is mine. Why is this not so for soft copies? The worst part is that Adobe Digital Editions has bugs. It kept adding another copy of the PDF file to my hard drive every time I opened the e-book, and after about three days of reading my book, Adobe Digital Editions can no longer find it. It will no longer open my book.

      Adobe Digital Editions is like disabling the right-click button. All unethical users have to do is buy a hard copy, scan it, and then convert it to a PDF. Why make life so difficult for the rest of us? All that's going to happen is that companies that require Adobe Digital Editions to read their books will lose sales. People will choose the regular PDF versions over the Adobe Digital Edition versions.
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          Adobe tells me I'm stuffed...Amazon tells me I'm screwed...., no more e-books for me, and definitely no more buying from Amazon. Wonder if any of my friends purchased the hard copy?...maybe I can photostat it?...We go to a lot of trouble (and money) acquiring our goods legally, and what do we get for it?...sorry for the inconvenience - please hang on a few months (years) until (if) we (try) to fix it...we buy e-books in general for the convenience, and because you don't have to wait to get it delivered!!! I would say this is pretty damn inconvenient...

          Guest (above) is correct - and since it's almost impossible (if not completely impossible) to buy and e-book in non-DRM PDF format, people will either copy the printed edition, not purchase at all, or acquire the hard copy. Seems like the end of PDF is near...

          I have no objection against DRM, but this looks like the entity that it's meant to protect, ends up being the looser (the book writer)...

          ...and the only way you get any response, is if someone screams lawsuit....
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            I have emailed to Mr. Landman.

            FYI, folks, you CAN scan your book and give it to your friends, but that is explicitly forbidden and violates federal copyright law.

            And as I have stated before, for DRM errors, please submit a support incident at www.adobe.com/support/digitaleditions/. I try to respond within a day or two, as I did for Mr. Landman, who emailed me 48 hours ago.
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              ******** Ric,I've emailed several times and have never received a reply. There is zero service telephoning Adobe.
              Start fixing!
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                I have contacted Mr. Fox directly as I have never received any emails from him so they seem to be being trapped by our spam blocker or something.
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                  I-too am exceedingly dissapointed by Adobe. I've purchased ebooks (from ebooks.com) an came to the alarming realization that I'll only be able to read my books online because they are not readable under Linux!

                  We are LEGALLY purchasing books in support of Adobe. Linux users are paying customers too. I'm so dissapointed.

                  I truly hope Adobe makes right with this. I truly do.

                  Juan Melendez,
                  CAM/Electronics Technology Specialist
                  Garfield, NJ
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                    We will probably produce a Linux version at some point, but unfortunately, our team has finite resources and other platforms are being done first.
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                      Is there any way to read a book in Adobe Digital Editions format on the Iliad?

                      The Adobe DE file does not open on the Iliad. Since it is printable I thought to just convert it to a regular pdf using PDF995. But this does not work (while normal printing does work).

                      Now I can only read the 400 page book on my computer screen which is not my idea of an ebook. Especially since it is about programming and I need my screen for the idea. It sucks to be clicking from the IDE to the book over and over again.
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                        Contact your credit card company immediately to cancel your order.The product is defective.
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                          I just bought 1 book from Humana Press "Arthritis Research Methods", it was not a cheap one (173.00 US), I read it once and afterwards, some weird thing happened to my OS (a .dll conflict or whatever) I was forced to reinstall my OS (over the previous installation) and consequently some of my programs as well. When I came back to my book it turned out to remain there but it was unredable. I tried to download it again from Humana Press (nothing), so I am now now in a real urgency to read this book (and write a protocol) but looks I won´t count on this.
                          This is absurd, páranoic and beyond logic. Whe you purchase a real book, you can lend it to your friends or resell it (if not then please jail all the used books stores people) yo should be able to download and re download the book as long as you retype a code sent in every ocasion to your email, there are many smart ways to protect intelectual propierty instead of just locking irresponsibly your access to something you legally gained access to.
                          I have sent 6 mails to Humana Press, and I assume they are laughing at me (no answer so far), I really need this book but because of my principles I will not buy it again.
                          Shame on you Adobe, this is a realy disfuncional, poorly concibed, worstly implemented, irresponsible solution.

                          Dr. César Pacheco Tena
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                            I'm also having a problem with an Adobe Reader book that I'd purchased and downloaded from Peachpit Press (Pearson). It would attempt to download, after I'd received the ebx.etd file on my desktop, but it wouldn't complete the download via Digital Editions, and I'd have the "spinning beachball" for a long period of time, which I'd then have to Force Quit. Though on some attempts I'd received an error message specifying that it's an "I/O Error on Network RequestError #2038". Plus I'd reached my limit specified by Pearson on downloaded said file. I've written to Pearson to see what I can do.

                            I have downloaded the beta version of Digital Editions today, but the same problem regarding I/O error, so my thought is that the ebx.etd file is corrupt, and hope that Pearson will allow me to download another one to try.

                            At this point, I will go back to buying paper versions of books, though I hope that the beta version of Digital Editions will work better than its predecessor.

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                              I should add that I'm using Mac OS (Tiger) 10.4.11, Adobe Reader 8.1.2, and Digital Editions 1, and now D.E. 1.5beta. G5-2.0, 6gb of Ram, and plenty of room on the hard disk(s).

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                                Note that with the release of Digital Editions 1.5, your books are not locked to your machine anymore. Anyone who is experiencing these sorts of problems should upgrade to DE 1.5. To do so, do this

                                - Uninstall DE 1.0
                                - Go to http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/digitaleditions/
                                - Install 1.5 (you will need an Adobe ID - there is a link on the login dialog if you don't have one).
                                - Your books will then be portable to up to 6 machines (assuming the publisher has not locked it to a single device - some do, especially with expensive books).

                                More info here:

                                And here