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    Moving "My Digital Editions" folder

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      I am trying to move the "My Digital Editions" folder from the default location under "My Documents". When I do so, I have to add my ebooks back to the library (which is OK), but Digital Editions also then adds a "My Digital Editions" folder with a manifest.xml file back under "My Documents".

      Is there anyway to change the default location of this "My Digital Editions" folder?
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          Jim Lester Level 4
          <p>Nope, sorry. ADE expects and enforces that your library file (manifest.xml) in will be in that  location (<user>\My Documents\My Digital Editions on Windows, ~/Documents/Digital Editions on Mac).  Also any files that are purchased through ADE or annotations that you make will be placed there as well.</p><br /><p>However as you noted Digital Editions does support the adding of files that are not in that location.</p><br /><p>Jim Lester<br>Adobe Systems</p>
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            This is my major gripe with Digital Editions at this time. I think it's a bad choice to have the My Documents/My Digital Editions hard coded in Digital Editions. As you may be aware, many programs seem to "dump" their data in the My Documents folder. I recently cleaned up my My Documents folder and I believe I had to remove some 30-40 useless directories with useless data by hand, half of them from programs I no longer use.

            This is real problem if you want to carefully backup your data. It would be easiest if I could tell my backup software to simply backup the entire My Documents folder, but this would copy a lot of unnecessary files, take up a lot of unnecessary space on my backup drive and take a lot of time.

            Because of the "dump" nature of the My Documents folder I'm using a new personal folder that contains all my personal files that I want to backup. I'd like my ebooks to be in that folder tree. This is by far the simplest way to backup because it only takes a single command in my backup software.

            I sincerely hope the next edition of Digital Editions will allow the user to set the default directory, as BTW any mature program does.


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              I'm always irritated when control of my computer file arrangement is dictated by a vendor, so this one ticks me off. I keep my ebooks from all sources in a Library folder on my "G" drive, not my "D" drive Data folder. I'm trying this method and so far it works:

              Go to Microsoft.com and search for Sysinternals and then download the free Sysinternals suite. Unzip it and they're all utilities ready to run from a Command Prompt window.
              The Junction command works (at least on) NTFS drives to direct references to one folder (and its subfolders!) to another of your choosing, on the same computer (not over a network). In my situation I only had to type the following at a command prompt:

              C:\Program Files\Sysinternals> junction "d:\My Digital Editions" "g:\library\adobe digital editions"

              I did have to re-load already downloaded digital editions from the new location (I pointed to my "real" location of G:\library\adobe digital editions" and they came up). If you're left with duplicate, but "missing" links, delete them in Adobe Digital Editions so only the correctly linked version shows up.

              Haven't used it a lot yet, but so far so good.

              (You can also unlink with junction, junction -d "d:\My Digital Editions" "g:\library\adobe digital editions")
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                +1 - what sucks is you have to go looking to find that your library is under there. The average Joe user isn't going to be able to find it.
                My locally imported files stay where I want them. But if I want to use digital editions to copy files from my Sony reader I have no choice as to where they end up. Unless I want to go and move them after the fact.

                I find the "Nope, sorry. " response to be flippant and frankly a bit disrespectful.

                You might want to treat your users with a bit more courtesy especially since they are making the effort to come here and provide valuable feedback.
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                  I've read there is no way of changing the default location of the "My Digital Editions" folder from "My Documents"..

                  You must be aware that anyone using a company laptop will loose their normal "My Documents " when they are not on the company network..

                  I use eBooks mostly for professional purposes.. when I try to read any of my ebooks (which are on my c: drive)without conecting to the conpany network they are not available, because you're "My Digital Editions" dir is not available ..

                  I think should consider making this directory location configurable .. as it stands I'm being forced to use Adobe Digital Editions because of DRM .. but I cant access my technichal books both at home and in the office .. really not good enough...
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                    Even though the post from freddycat is a couple of years old, it is still a viable solution. Here it is 2009 and ADE still will not allow moving the library from what I can see. Microsoft's Junction tool did the magic.


                    If users can circumvent the My Digital Editions directory location with symbolic links on Unix and Mac, and junctions on NTFS disks on Windows, why does Adobe still insists on generating artificial aggravations by "hard coding" the library location. Make it configurable and eliminate a small amount of frustrated users; small relative to those with more pressing application problems. It save money, time, and most importantly reputation.

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                      Pearl_R Level 1

                      I could not agree more. I am on a company computer and only allowed 500 Mb in the My Documents folder due to server restrictions. And so a potentially fantastic time saving feature turns into a fiddle because every time you download something you then have to manually transfer it to another location.

                      Adobe might be wise to think what this means for companies having their employees having to manually reload their reading material each time they acquire some information.............



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                        amanda_french Level 1

                        This is a problem for me, too. I hate, hate, hate it when programs put things in my Documents folder without asking me and then won't let me move them. Please allow us to set the folder location.

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                          zerotolerance01 Level 1

                          I have deleted "Digital Editions" from my PC again because of this issue.


                          If any program doesn't allow me to keep my documents folder arranged the way I want it too look, it has to go.

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                            expnd Level 1

                            +1 on annoyed with ADE for dictating locations. this kind of draconian drm is irritating and totally adequate justification for piracy.

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                              zerotolerance01 Level 1

                              I'll just add my voice again and second the above post.


                              It's the only program that I can use for my purposes and it.



                              To say the least.


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                                RGlowitz Level 1

                                I would like to add my voice to allowing users the ability to change the default directory for Digital Editions. I too find it frustrating that I cannot place documents where I want.

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                                  UC_Lib Level 1

                                  I would also like to add my support. I use ADE to backup ebooks that our library subscribes to. It irritates me to no end that every time I add an ebook to ADE I have to copy the entire folder to our shared drive for backup purposes. If I could just set it to save to somewhere that is backed up each night, it would make my life infinitely easier.

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                                    smith-lj Level 1

                                    First, thank you for that straightforward and honest feedback. It has saved me a lot of time.

                                    That said, I add my voice to all the others. I keep a folder in My Documents which is backed up online and synchronised between my laptop and PC. Ideally I would keep My Digital Editions in there rather than have to back them up separately.

                                    I notice that this forum thread is quite old. I don't suppose it's something that has been changed? (I suspect not, as I am having exactly the same problems others have expressed...)

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                                      KLMyers Level 1

                                      Mark me as another voice strongly protesting the rigid location of this folder.  Not even iTunes is that bad.  Major headache for backups, and a bad idea in general.

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                                        RichardP86 Level 1

                                        Same problem. Adobe please resolve. Useless for Peeps on corporate computers.

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                                          richj00000 Level 1

                                          +1 on this


                                          Hey Adobe - quit buying new companies and support the software you have.  Just a thought.

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                                            elonex-ereader-user Level 1

                                            Just bought my first ereader Elonex 500, not the most sophisticated device .. no wifi...but it has colour display the reason I bought it preference to any other device. I also have the same complaint against Adobe. I tried the sysinternal fix suggested by a previous poster. Unfortunately I could nt get it to work, probably I got the syntax wrong.


                                            However it seems I can save my books where ever I want to on my PC - in my case an external hd, so far I only see the png files and and annotations getting saved to Adobes default folder. This meets my needs since my only cornern is hard disc space. I cant see why this will impact on my use of the ereader itself.


                                            I cant test this assumption but I cant see why those using corporate drives would not also be able to save their books to separate locations, with pngs and annotations staying on their corp drive.


                                            I simply download to the location of my choice and then open with Adobe no complex manipulation involved.


                                            This does not appear to interfere with the transfer of books/images/annotations to my ereader, other devices may not be so 'kind'.


                                            Im happy to answer any questions if I can.

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                                              janke1353 Level 1

                                              Wow, this is just plain dumb.  I'm having the same problem with needlessly backing up files that don't need to be backed up.  It's a waste of space and time.


                                              There are several good reasons to allow the user the choice of where to store the content.  I was amazed to find out that there is no option here.


                                              Please fix this.

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                                                motormiller135 Level 1

                                                I second the motion.............

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                                                  angelo.muratore Level 1

                                                  Please, have a look of what is written in the FAQ:


                                                  "How do I enable content portability?

                                                  The first time you run Digital Editions, you are prompted to authorize the application by entering an Adobe ID. If you don't have an Adobe ID, you are provided with a link to get one. Then, when you purchase an item online or borrow one from a library with Digital Editions, the item is automatically "tied" to your Adobe ID, rather than your computer. This way, you are free to move your items to up to six computers and six devices that have been authorized with Digital Editions."

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                                                    smith-lj Level 1

                                                    @ Angelo – thanks for that, but sharing across devices is not the problem (for me, at least). For me, it’s the fact that we are not ‘allowed’ to have the folder anywhere other than in ‘My Documents’.

                                                    As far as I know, that one still hasn’t been resolved.


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                                                      amanda_french Level 1

                                                      What smith_lj said. The problem discussed in this thread isn't moving the content, it's moving the folder that Adobe Digital Editions creates. I want a preference that I can set so that I can choose where the folder with the content is located, please.

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                                                        angelo.muratore Level 1

                                                        You are right, I am using Digital Edition since few weeks.

                                                        I also seen difficulties in reading a book, writing notes in a bookmark on one computer. Then change the computer and ... beeing able to find the same notes.


                                                        It's very hard.


                                                        Unfortunately I haven't my personal ultra-portable computer, there are some computers, shared with all the family members, in the different places of the house.


                                                        You are right, having the possibility to move the "My Digital Editions" folder in a pen drive or in an external hard driver would greatly simplify ... having always my notes with me.

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                                                          MadMax8699 Level 1



                                                          Not sure if this is what you want but works for me.


                                                          My setup is:


                                                          C:\ - This is for Windows 7 (64bit) and programs.

                                                          D:\ - Optical Dirve

                                                          E:\My Documents - This is for my user files

                                                          F:\My Documents - This is a backup of the E drive files


                                                          Suggest you do backups before proceeding.


                                                          My eBooks downloads are located at E:\My Documents\My Digital Editions.  Being in this location it's easy to have a Robocopy script which simply copies from E to F drive.


                                                          Anyhow, as you have noticed, the default location is C:\Users\{NAME]\My Documents for the My Digital Editions.


                                                          Here's how I fixed it for me.


                                                          In Windows Explorer, go to Libraries --> Documents --> My Documents.

                                                          Right click on this and choose Properties.

                                                          Click on Location tab.

                                                          You will notice the entry currently reads "C:\Users\[NAME]\My Documents"

                                                          Click on the Move button.

                                                          Navigate to your document location which in my case is E:\My Documents

                                                          Click ok.

                                                          At this point you will get a warning asking if you want to copy files from the old location to the new location (hence the warning above about backing up).  Basically any folder and files in the old location (C Drive) will go to the new location (in my case E drive) so if you already have folders or files in the destination drive which are different, you may lose them when you say "Yes". Suggest you manually check and rename any folders that are similarly named in the destination so they aren't overwritten.

                                                          When you have finished, your library should show you your documents in the library.

                                                          Install Adobe Digital Editions.

                                                          In my case, since I had ePub files etc in E:\My Documents\My Digital Editions, when ADE started up, all my books were showing.

                                                          Any future purchases where I click on the download link and choose "Open with Adobe Digital Editions" get put in this directory and appear on my bookshelf.



                                                          Hope that helps guys.  Not sure what those that have corporate accounts can do, but perhaps that might help.

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                                                            Mostovic Level 1

                                                            Thanks MadMax. That helps to move the entire "My Documents" directory to another drive. But it doesn't solve the problem of determining where the "My Digital Editions" directory will go in relation to "My Documents".


                                                            The purpose of having a "My Documents" folder in Windows is to have a single location to store user documents, NOT to store application metadata. As someone earlier noted, when backing up personal documents, you don't want to include application support files.


                                                            As for myself, I can't stand the "My xxx" name automatically given to personal folders, whether by Windows, Adobe, or other default software installations. I want to organize personal files and documents in a way that makes sense to me and using names less juvenile sounding. I would prefer to have a single "digital book" directory under "My Documents" where I could locate the default location for the Adobe Digital Editions, Calibre, Kindle, and other libraries.


                                                            In Windows 7, for example (where I've already moved my default location from C:\ to D:\):


                                                            CHANGE DEFAULT FROM:


                                                            D:\Users\Mostovic\Documents\My Digital Editions\

                                                            D:\Users\Mostovic\Documents\Kindle Content\


                                                            D:\Users\Mostovic\Documents\My This\

                                                            D:\Users\Mostovic\Documents\My That\










                                                            I can do this with Kindle & Calibre. Not so with Adobe, where one "dumb" size is supposed to fit all.


                                                            Book lovers tend also to love their autonomy. Lacking this essential functionality, Adobe essentially insults the Adobe Digital Editions customer base. And "insult" is the appropriate word here since these forums document the fact that customers have been asking for this functionality for years without adequate response.

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                                                              Anders Törnkvist Level 1

                                                              If your goal is to have the contents in My Digital Editions stored in another directory, I have a temporary solution.


                                                              1. Close Adobe Digital Editions, if the program is open.

                                                              2. Move My Digital Editions to the new location in Explorer, for example by selecting the directory, pressing Ctrl+X, opening the new location and pressing Ctrl+V. I used Books\My Digital Editions as my new directory. It is, however, okay to rename My Digital Editions to whatever you would like.

                                                              3. Open cmd by (Windows Vista/7) typing "cmd" in the start menu, right-clicking on the program cmd.exe and selecting "Run as administrator". If you have Windows XP, you can open cmd by holding the Windows key and pressing R (Run), entering "cmd" and then selecting "OK".

                                                              4. Go to My documents by entering the following command:

                                                              • cd "%userprofile%\Documents"

                                                              5. Make a link in My documents to the new directory, by entering the following command. Don't forget to change the second path to your new directory. (It should be absolute or relative to My documents.

                                                              • mklink /D "My Digital Editions" "Books\My Digital Editions"

                                                              6. Hide the link by entering the following command:

                                                              • attrib "My Digital Editions" /L +S +H


                                                              Good luck!

                                                              Anders Törnkvist


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                                                                Feaniel Level 1

                                                                I am basically deleting this software for this really annoyoing reason. I have a Mac, so I doubt any of the trick here will work.

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                                                                  Level 4

                                                                  When you ask for help, it helps us to know what platform you're running,

                                                                  what level your OS is at and a bunch of other things.  Don't blame the

                                                                  messenger for your oversights.


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                                                                    Feaniel Level 1

                                                                    I didn't looked only here of course. And I was looking for mac in my query. But see, I found some other free reader and as usefull of ADE, where I can have a minimum of control over it. And I didn't ask for help. I wrote a message here because I wanted to let them know there were another users unhappy because of the lack of this feature. Even though I doubt they ever change it, knowing the age of this thread, I thought it was still important for me to let this feedback.

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                                                                      kayseekaysee Level 1

                                                                      Just curious.  Is ur G drive hard wired, or is it an external drive? 


                                                                      I'm also wondering if I could move my whole ADE setup to my external drive, so that it boots and runs from there.....

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                                                                        robertvanbregt Level 1

                                                                        This workaround will work on a Mac by using symbolic links through the "ln" terminal command.


                                                                        1. Close ADE
                                                                        2. Move folder to new location
                                                                        3. Open terminal
                                                                        4. goto Documents folder with command "cd ~/Documents"
                                                                        5. create symbolic link with command "ln -s <new location> './My Digital Editions' "
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                                                                          martini2679 Level 1

                                                                          Kudos to robervanbregt (#33) for providing the symbolic link pointer. I just want to suggest to all the frustrated people above that symbolic links can provide users with a tremendous amount of flexibility in where they store their stuff and can help with all the problems described above, and more, so people shouldn't ignore them just because they sound a bit tricky in facty they aren't too hard to manage at all.


                                                                          For mac users there is a good little utility called SymbolicLinker that makes it really easy to create symbolic links with just a right click on the folder name. I recommend it. Something like symbolic links have been in windows since Vista - see #28 from Anders for the manual instructions; there is at least one tool (Symlinker) out there that attempts to make it easier, but I've never used it so windows users may have to shop around and experiment until they get one that they like.


                                                                          Anyway, with symbolic links you can place your Digital Editions folder anywhere you like - secondar hard drive, usb drive, even on a network drive, or in your Dropbox folder. You will still need a symlink file sitting within your Documents folder called "Digital Editions" on a mac (or "My Digital Editions" on windows). That symlink file is tiny, and you can forget about it once you've put it in place.


                                                                          So this helps if all you want to do is store your books and the index on perhaps a secondary harddrive, or a usb drive, or in Dropbox. However it seems that some people want to hide the Digital Editions folder away somewhere and file their actual books somewhere else. That can be done.


                                                                          When you download a non-DMR ePub, download it straight to its final destination, and use the add item command in ADE. The file will stay exactly where you put it. No problem.


                                                                          If you've bought a DRM-protected file, it will appear in the form of a .acsm file that ADE will run and download the ePub file, which will end up in the digital editions folder (which as we've already seen, can be placed anywhere on your system by using a symbolic link). However if you want to go one step further and put your ePub in a separate folder somewhere else, that does need a manual step. Copy the ePub and put the copy where you want it to be finally. This could take all of ten seconds, but if you want to make it quicker, create another symbolic link to the final destination of the file and place it inside the Digital Editions folder. Then you don't have to spend time navigating to the final destination: just copy the file, click on the link and paste the file. Then add the book to your library selecting the version in the new location, and delete the version in the old (Digital Editions) location. Not too hard, unless you download more than a few DRM books a day. (Note you can select multiple books at one time to add them, but I haven't found a way to delete them in a batch.)


                                                                          True, users shouldn't have to do stuff like this - applications should be designed to meet users' needs, and ADE falls short in this area, as well as in others. But it's not actually a big deal to set up a manageable alternative system that allows you full choice where to put things. And right now I don't know of another application that can help me manage both DRM and non-DRM files the way I want to.


                                                                          My approach is: on my desktop computer (where I usually buy things) I put everything in a single folder on Dropbox, symlinked from the mandatory Document folder location. I use that Dropbox folder also as my download folder for non-DRM files, so everything is together. On my laptop, I also use ATE but without symlinking to dropbox - I use the default folder location so that the manifest.xml files don't get mixed up, as I have a different but overlapping set of books in each library. However there are no actual books in the default folder on my laptop, they all stay in the Dropbox folder, of course.  This also makes adding a book to Aldiko in my Android very easy. I just navigate to the dropbox folder from the Aldiko file function, go to my digital editions folder and select the file for import.


                                                                          BTW What's this in the ADE help page about using a USB drive or emailing the file to yourself?  Does anyone actually do that in the 21st century?

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                                                                            martini2679 Level 1

                                                                            Feanial #31: Apparently you found another free book reader that solves your problems. It would be really good if you let us know which reader you are now using, so that others can try it too. ADE is not perfect, and if you've found something that does everything that ADE does and more, then everyone would be grateful if you were to share that information.

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                                                                              merry.camelot Level 1

                                                                              Here we are, five and a half years later, still waiting for ADE to do what so many users have asked for. And they wonder why people migrate to Kindle.

                                                                              • 37. Re: Moving "My Digital Editions" folder
                                                                                superdude108 Level 1

                                                                                Just popping in to add my voice to the thread.  I seriously can't believe that this simple little thing STILL hasn't been addressed by Adobe after all this time.

                                                                                • 38. Re: Moving "My Digital Editions" folder
                                                                                  Mark Iliff Level 1

                                                                                  Indeed - 6 *years* after the original post.


                                                                                  FWIW I've reverted to the Sony software that came with my reader. I've used Sony software previously and found it spectacularly bad: worse even than normal hardware-vendor-bad.


                                                                                  Sony Reader is pretty bad, but it's no worse than ADE and it does let you choose your file location. It somehow uses ADE for DRM without ever bringing Adobe's pile of poo into the foreground. I don't know whether it works for other makes of hardware.

                                                                                  • 39. Re: Moving "My Digital Editions" folder
                                                                                    sordell2013 Level 1

                                                                                    I agree. Forcing people to use a specific directory is less than ideal. I'm using on my personal laptop. I don't keep any files locally. I store them all on my cloud storage. Cloud computing is gaining popularity, a company like Adobe, who just forced all of their Photoshop users to the Cloud Edition, should totally understand this. Kudos to the post using mklink.

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