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    Fit Custom Width won't go below 87%

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      Right now I'm reading a book and I'm trying to find a comfortable zoom level. This is the problem I'm running into:

      1. Fit Single Page looks to be a zoom factor of about 40%. It's slightly too small for me.

      2. Fit Width look about 150%. It's far too big for me.

      3. Fit Custom Width won't go below 87% for this particular book and several other books I've tested.

      It seems that the most comfortable zoom level for me is in the 40% to 87% range, but I can't find a way to get there. Is there a way?


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          A quick (and rather unclassy) workaround is to set the the mode to single page fit and then adjust the size of the viewing window (the document should scale accordingly) to your liking. This will only bring the zoom level up to something good if you have a relatively large monitor. (Be sure to hide the side panel by clicking on the little arrow around half-way down the side panel). Hope that helps for now!