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    Keyboard Shortcuts


      I am having issues with the keyboard shortcuts within Digital Editions. Some commands just don't seem to work at all (Ctrl + Left Arrow/Right Arrow to cycle through the reading modes). Others seem to work sporadically (Ctrl + Left Arrow/Right arrow to change between thumbnail/list view in the Library). Using Ctrl + L/R to change to Library or Reading mode causes some very wierd behaviour - sometimes it works as normal sometimes Ctrl + L wont work at all and Ctrl + R cycles through the buttons on the toolbar (from left to right) instead of opening the reading pane.

      These are all experienced using the keyboard on my laptop.

      I have also set up a custom bluetooth HID software keyboard on my mobile phone (Sony Ericsson k750i) with all of the keyboard shortcuts I want to use assigned to the phone's keys. It seems all of the shortcuts that require the use of the Ctrl key do not work, or do not work as intended (as with the Ctrl + L/R example above). As far as I can tell all shortcuts with a single key press are OK. I unfortunately do not have a physical bluetooth keyboard to test if that has the same issues. I have, however, tested the shortcuts in other applications (Mozilla Firefox mainly) and they work flawlessly.

      Any ideas on why this is happening? I have just discovered 'Digital Editions' this week and it seemed perfectly suited to my needs for a library of my eBooks. The interface is pleasant and it seems to have all the functionality I need, but I need to be able to control navigation through my library and subsequently through my books via the keyboard.

      Is there a way to change the keys mapped to each shortcut? I think that could help resolve my problems with my Phone's Remote Control at least.

      Any help would be appreciated.

      Kind Regards,