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    ADEPT Partners

      In a previous older topic I've been told that Adobe will launch a new partnership in August.The reply was related to my inability to license an ebook with the current partners.

      I've contacted all ADEPT partners listed on the site so far and only Lightning Source bothered to reply.They quoted me $5000 just to set me up.Outrageous!

      Will this technology ever be accessible to the wide masses or will we forced forever to sell on your partners's websites, paying pricey fees and loosing control over our products?

      It's the end of August and I still haven't heard of that new partner that was supposed to solve all my problems.
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          LSI is using Content Server - not ADEPT. I don't believe ADEPT even exists. Adobe's been putting me off in my requests for information on this ghost for three months. Adobe personnel I spoke to on the phone had never even heard of it.