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    PDFs that cause Digital Editions to crash/PDFS that show no content...

      I've been happily using Digital Editions with lots of my PDFs and have been very pleased with the first version of this product. However, I've run into two issues that I was hoping someone could help me with...

      1) I've found a PDF that causes Digital Editions to just crash when you try to view it. The PDF is InfoQ's free version of "Getting Started with Grails" (downloadable at http://www.infoq.com/resource/minibooks/grails/en/pdf/grails-getting-started.pdf if you register). The PDF is secured so it can't be printed. I loaded this into Acrobat Reader 8, no problem. I loaded it into Digital Editions, opened it, got a blank page. Tried to go to page 2, Digital Editions quits with the Windows standard dialog "Digital Editions has encountered a problem and has closed".

      2) Some older PDFs (such as O'Reilly's free X Windows books) import but show no content at all (every page is blank). They work fine in Reader 8.

      Has anyone else run into this or found a solution? I'm using Digital Editions 1.0.467.

      Mark Davidson