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    Digital Editions offline?

      I just updated to Adobe Reader 8.1, and it made me download this DE thing before I could download any new eBooks (which was annoying as all nine hells, btw), so I added the DE thing, and downloaded the eBooks, but I can't open them in Reader. I can open them in the DE itself, but not on Reader. I didn't update Reader to be unable to use it. So, I guess I have two questions: can I, or how do I, open those eBooks in Reader, and if I can not, will I be able to read eBooks when not online? If the answer to the second question is no, then I would like to know how to get rid of this DE thing, while still being able to actually download books. C'est possible?
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          You cannot open Adobe ebooks in Adobe Reader 8.1. Adobe moved this ability out of the Reader from version 8 onwards. This is why you're directed to install Digital Editions when trying to download ebooks.

          You can still use Adobe Reader versions 7 or 6 to read ebooks. However, I not sure if you can read ebooks downloaded with Digital Editions if you downgrade to Reader 7.

          Once you've downloaded an ebook you don't have to be online to read it. Just launch Digital Editions from the shortcut on your desktop and open the ebook.
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              I find no shortcut. It has diappeared. Every time I want to start the digital editions, I must find the site online click on the picture and then "activation" starts. It seems.that I cannot start the program from my PC.
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                Jim Lester Level 4
                <p>Evzen<br><br />A shortcut to DE  is normally created on the Desktop (not the applications folder and not in the start menu) during the install process.  In a normal system Digital Editions 1.0 gets installed at "C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Macromedia\Flash Player\www.macromedia.com\bin\digitaleditions2x0\digitaleditions2x0.exe" Where <username> should be replaced with your username. I would suggest going and finding this and then creating a shortcut in a location (Drag and Drop with the "Alt" key held down).  (The alternative a of a uninstall/re-install seems a bit drastic).  We have fixed the next version of Acrobat to check to see if Digital Editions is installed locally before going to the Web to try to do an unneeded install.</p><br /><p>Jim Lester<br>Adobe Systems</p>