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    MovieClip correct Behavior

    buabco Level 1

      I've been experimenting with movieclips, and to do so I've been using movieclips compiled in flash 9 actionscript preview.

      What I have is a MC that has varius elements inside that are part of an animation (Each in its layer and with its corresponding keyframe and tweening).

      I've noticed that when I change any parameter of this elements throught actionscript all the tweening and KeyFrame information is lost and the element stays just there where it was when I changed the parameter, even if it reachs another key frame in the animation.

      I thought this could be the correct behavior of MCs under this conditions (Even though there is nothing about this on the documentation). But when I tried this with another movieclip it behaved diferently, the tweening was lost until the next key frame where it resumed the animation, and in a third movieclip wich was masked, it resumed the animation in the next frame.

      Since I'm using an alpha version of flash 9 I guess this could be a bug, but I want my program to behave correctly with MCs compiled with the final version, so I really apretiate if anyone could clarify the correct behavior that should have a MC element when you change its parameters during the animation.