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    Using itemRenderer in Dynamic Grid

      I have grid with takes in a ArrayCollection as dataProvider. Also the columns of the datagrid is defined from the action script. At the mxml level, I have only the DataGrid tag. Now my data contains some severity levels - critical, moderate and ok. Based on what comes in, I want an itemRenderer which will print a different image for each severity. i.e. if the value is critial, i want a red color icon to be shown in the cell.

      I wish to do this with actionscript itself. I am stuck at the itemRenderer part. I checked out the examples. All of them work with mxml tags for itemRenderer using images. I want the renderer to be through actionscript. Has anyone done this? Can anybody help me with this?


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          Josh Johnson Level 1
          Hi Uday,

          Were you ever able to accomplish this? I'm looking to do something almost exactly the same, where I have data that provides one of two values, and I want to translate those values into one of two icons.

          If you were able to do this, I'd appreciate any explanatory help. Or if someone else out there has an answer to his original post, I'm sure it would be appreciated by more than just myself.