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    afmPHP Problem

    Jim Daniel
      I'm got a problem with the amfPHP HelloWorld example in chapter 29 of the Flex 3 Bible. When I atempt to run the example in the Flex 3 Builder I keep getting the following error message in the console:

      [RPC Fault faultString="[MessagingError message='Destination 'amfphp' either does not exist or the destination has no channels defined (and the application does not define any default channels.)']" faultCode="InvokeFailed" faultDetail="Couldn't establish a connection to 'amfphp'"]

      I've checked and recheck the instruction in Chapter 29 of Flex 3 Bible and everything looks ok. When I run the AMFPHP Service Browser and the click 'check' everything works and I get the expected message. The Gateway.php looks to be in the correct folder and the path given in the serves-config.php file looks correct. My only thought is that I'm not setting up the channels correctly and I'm not sure how to check this out.