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    Hotkeys Stop Working (?)

      When using Framemaker v7.1 all hotkeys stop working randomly during use. This includes things such as ctrl-c, ctrl-v, ctrl-b, etc. The hotkeys continue to work in any other program outside of Framemaker.

      I've been trying to troubleshoot this for about 2 months now with no luck.

      The only fix I've discovered is closing down the entire program and reopening it.

      Anyone have any experience with this issue or any suggestions?

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          Sheila Carlisle Level 4
          Craig, what version of FM7.1, the "pxxx" numbers from Help About. What platform?
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            R. VanDyke

            This is a FrameMaker behavior I've observed for several years.

            For me, the causative event is usually that of double-clicking on an imported-by-reference graphic so as to open it in a separate graphics-editing program. After doing so, CTRL keys stop working in FrameMaker.

            The circumventions I've discovered to this problem, in order of disruption to my workflow are:

            * Exit then restart FrameMaker (seldom works)

            * Log off Windows then log back in (almost always works)

            * Reboot (always works but seldom necessary)

            The mental construct I've developed to explain FrameMaker's behavior in this regard is that the program was originally created for a much earlier generation of Windows, and so represents one of several of FrameMaker's age-related "crotchets"...

            Cheers & hope this helps,
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              Art Campbell Level 3

              The only time this happened to me, it finally dawned on me that other programs were intercepting the keystrokes before they got to Frame.

              In my particular case, some SnagIt defaults and some ClipMate defaults were grabbing 'em at the OS level before they penetrated to the application level where Frame can get them. I change the other program's key assignments, and everything started working in Frame again.

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                MichaelKazlow MVP & Adobe Community Professional
                Gee, for me it happens when I accidentally have the caps lock on. :-)

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                  FieryPantone Level 3
                  fwiw, strange things can also happen to keyboard shortcuts if the mouse pointer is over the toolbar ...
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                    Level 1
                    Thank you for the replies so far.

                    I have tested both the Caps Lock and Mouse Pointer Over the Tool Bar theories and so far neither have cause the error to occur. I'll continue to try those both out.

                    I'm not sure how to really investigate the issue about other programs intercepting keyboard shortcuts. Generally when using Framemaker I'll have Microsoft Outlook and maybe Microsoft Internet Explorer open, no other applications. I don't use SnagIt or other similar screenshot programs on this machine.

                    So far it still appears random to me, but I'm continueing to try to identify the cause of the problem.
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                      Level 1
                      Ah, the Adobe Forums hid a few of the replies... I'll address those now.

                      Sheila the version I'm using is Framemaker 7.1p116 in unstructured mode.

                      Riley, thank you for your input as well. I've found that restarting Framemaker will always solve the problem, I've never had to restart Windows. Currently running Windows XP SP2 if that is relevant. I will investigate the "double-clicking on an imported-by-reference graphic so as to open it in a separate graphics-editing program" but I dont think that is my specific issue as we don't do much of that in our application of the program.
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                        I came across this thread yesterday searching for answers to this very problem. I have discovered that pressing Ctrl+Alt+1 fixes the problem and restores use of the Ctrl keys.

                        Hopefully, this will help!


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                          This problem has bedevilled me for years and this is the first time its been solved suitably. Thank you

                          I haven't been using Frame for the last 5 years so when I started again and encountered this tiny but annoying issue I was hoping for a solution which you have now given, at long last. Ctrl+Alt+1