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    Missing messageId: FlexBuilder vs mxmlc


      I am using FlexBuilder 3.0.2 with Cairngorm 2.2.1 to implement RemoteObjects over AMF.

      When I run/debug/profile the project from FlexBuilder, I receive the following error on response from a save command:

      SaveObjectCommand?: Fault: event = [RPC Fault faultString="Didn't receive an acknowledgement of message" faultCode="Server.Acknowledge.Failed" faultDetail="Was expecting message '5AA6C3E6-BC82-AFF3-E275-AB767CDA24C1' but received 'null'."] [AMF] FaultEvent?: faultCode:Server.Acknowledge.Failed faultString:'Didn't receive an acknowledgement of message' faultDetail:'Was expecting message '5AA6C3E6-BC82-AFF3-E275-AB767CDA24C1' but received 'null'.'

      When I compile the same project with mxmlc, I do not receive the fault, and the response is processed correctly by the response handler.

      My mxmlc compile flags are:

      mxmlc -context-root=http://localhost:3000/ -headless-server=true -services=src/services-config.xml -output bin-debug/Test.swf -compiler.library-path+=libs src/Test.mxml

      I have debugged the problem from the server side and confirmed that I receive a different AMF message when the flex client swf is compiled by mxmlc vs FlexBuilder. Does anyone know what compile flags FlexBuilder is using that might cause a problem?