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    Protecting Movie problem

      hi friends

      now im facing some problem with protecting the movie by using binaryio xtra

      friend i design the program which prtotect the movie but problem is that..

      if user copy the movie file from my folder thenit not run it will inmy player whcih i design...wheni run my player theni play the movie but if user copy the movie file duing the excution of my probam or player then user can play it at nay default player with having my player....but when i close my player then user can play it at default player.....

      i m doing this my using binaryio xtra.....

      i want when i m running player then at that time uer also cant play my movie in other player....

      when my player play the movie then user can copy the movie and it can be run at other player...i want to stop it
      tell me how to proceed me


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          James Newton, ACP Level 3
          Why do you need BinaryIO for this?
          Your player could create a global object and your movie could request a value from that object. If the movie is played in another player, the global object will either not exist, or it will not know how to return the expected values. Your movie can then simply call "halt", and the pirate player will stop.

          ** In the movie that you embed in your projector **
          -- Movie Script
          on prepareMovie()
          end prepareMovie

          -- Parent Script "Authorization"
          on new(me)
          (the globals)[#goAuthorization] = me
          end new

          on GetAuthorization(me, aInput)
          case aInput of
          return #expectedOutput
          end case

          return #illegalInput
          end GetAuthorization

          ** In your protected movie **
          on startMovie()
          global goAuthorization

          vSuccess = FALSE

          if ilk(goAuthorization) = #instance then
          vResult = goAuthorization.GetAuthorization(#correctInput)

          if vResult = #expectedOutput then
          vSuccess = TRUE
          end if
          end if

          if not vSuccess then
          alert "Please use the designated player for this movie"
          end if
          end startMovie
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            farhanakhan Level 1
            Thx openspark for ur reply

            i m going to implement that code which u send me ..then i will tell u about hte result

            farhana khan
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              farhanakhan Level 1
              hi openspark

              can u tell where i put these script in the director movie tell me the spot of script

              i will very thanks full to you

              regards farhana
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                James Newton, ACP Level 3
                In a private message, you indicated that the "movie" that you wish to protect is not a Director movie but a video file. I'm afraid that I do not know any way to prevent an unscrupulous user from copying an external video file while it is playing.

                Can you stream the video from a website, rather than making it available on the user's local disk?