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    Passing form variables to a template page.

    Tony Soto
      I created a form page which passes a form variable name 'orderNo'. When it hits the action page a <cfif>
      statement deduces whether it has been used and exists in a database record. The <cferror> than
      send the user to the (cferror assigned template page). I would like the user to see the form.orderNo variable they entered on the template page.

      Code inside action page which test the form variable against records
      <!--- query the database to find a match for the form variable 'orderNo'--->

      <cfquery name="GetMatch" datasource="dbMHAM">
      SELECT OrderNo
      FROM tblMham
      WHERE OrderNo = <cfqueryparam value="#form.orderNo#" cfsqltype="CF_SQL_LONGVARCHAR">

      <!--- if the record count for the order number is '0' then request the template
      page to provide information to the user about the number already existing
      in a record of the database--->

      <cfif GetMatch.recordCount GT 0>
      <cferror type = "request" template= OrderNo_ValidationPage.cfm>
      <cfabort showerror="order number already used">

      Template page output

      <cfoutput>#orderNo#</cfoutput> you entered is found in a posted record.<br>
      Hit the<strong> Internet explorer back button</strong> review the survey and enter a new number<br>
      or edit the with the same order number you tried to use