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    DW template problems

      I'm seriously not sure what to do here. Murray/Ace if you see this, I am starting this thread fresh, as I have encountered new problems.

      I have a template that works seemingly fine in all respects, uploaded it to temporary site:
      (IGNORE graphics at top... they are placeholders until I get real ones from illustrator)
      Rollover images at top work great, as do pop-up menus. All image paths and hrefs are fine.

      Sample child created from this template:
      -The 2nd and 3rd image images set to preload in the <body> tag are hard-mapped to my hard drive (this was my problem earlier this week, I was just going to cancel the preload and sidestep the problem, but before I did so, I went in and messed around more, and created the larger problem which is....
      -Rollover images at top and pop-up menus no longer work.


      Will be very grateful for any guidance!