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    SharePoint integration

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      My company uses SharePoint for our intranet. I would like to see Frame work seamlessly in SharePoint. Frame needs some sort of dialog box or option to "save to SharePoint" or something like that. I suggest the new Word 2007 format for a dialog that works with SharePoint, Documentum, or whatever and makes it easy to save to a network without drilling down to multiple levels on a dialog box.
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          What about the possibility of workplace servers?

          This provide the capability of integration (file sharing) as well as the possibility of distributing information and collaboration. For example, I just set up a workspace server to our SharePoint and the files post directly there. You have to be careful, though, not to override the defaults that you have saved either locally or on another server.

          Thoughts? Or has it been months and you've already figured out a workaround?
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            We're starting the move to Sharepoint, and since the Corporate Wish is to move almost everything out of classic file-systems I'll be looking at the workgroup server options too. As far as I remember, they did the job when I experimented with them a few years ago using Livelink; I just lost interest in experimenting because there was no immediate need or benefit.
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              the time has finally arrived when I need to hook up to Sharepoint from FM8. I've taken a first look with one of the Sharepoint gurus, and he assures me it'll never work "because there aren't enough fields in the Set up dialogue" and I can't specify all the information required for the connection.

              I don't follow this, especially as (already mentioned) I managed to connect to a Livelink server. Could you give me any clues, based on your experience?

              Thanks in advance!

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                Do you know what version of Sharepoint you're running, and what your permissions level is?

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                  Check out this link:

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                    Art - "Sharepoint Server 2007" is the best I can get from the Help; I'll check with the technically-minded when they arrive. I'm site owner for any site where I store my source files.

                    Joel, thanks for the tip; it's an interesting article ... but sidesteps the question I'm interested in: "In the Save As dialog box of the program, you will need to navigate to the SharePoint folder where the file resides" doesn't say anything about how to see SharePoint folders in the normal Save as dialogue. Also, loses linked graphics :-{
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                      Marked as not helpful as need to login to Wordpress to view