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    Images used in FrameMaker files

      Since all of the images used in my documents are located in an image directory in the folder with my FrameMaker documents, I would like a way to run a report to list the file names that are associated with a book, file, or main directory. This would help me to remove images that are no longer needed to support my projects.

      I am using FrameMaker 8 on a Win XP SP2 operating system.
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          FieryPantone Level 3
          I've used Add > List of > References (and then Imported Graphics) to get this sort of information for a book; if you throw some tabs in on the reference page, you can then paste the results to a spreadsheet or an editor and sort as required. If you feel like having a strange sort of fun, you can even use that output as the basis for a .bat file and move/delete all the redundant files in one go <g>