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    Conditional text improvements

      1. I vastly prefer the way conditional text was handled in version 7, where the conditional window could be left open, like the character and paragraph windows (pods). The new way in version 8, where you have to go to the menu, pull down Special, then choose Conditional Text, then choose which function you want, is slow! I use conditional text dozens of times each day, and this is getting pretty annoying.

      2. I would love to see highlighting as an option for conditional text. For example, I would like to be able to highlight changes in a draft in a color, and then have this text still highlighted when it gets to my reviewers. My reviewers would also love that.

      3. My reviewers would like to be able to search for conditional text in a .pdf. This would save them tons of time when they are reviewing a revision, because they could just zoom through, stopping only at the changes. We've tried doing a .pdf document compare, and too many unimportant things (like date and page numbers) show up.
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          I just thought of another.

          4. I would like to be able to do a mass change on all text of a certain condition. For example, I would like to be able to turn all text that is conditionally labled "Changed" to unconditional. This would be useful when a revision has been reviewed and all text changes approved.
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            > I would like to be able to highlight changes in a draft in a color<br /><br />But you can already do that: I regularly use green (and a change-bar in the margin) for new, grey strike-through for deleted. Go to Special > Manage conditional text, select a tag and click on [Edit] to set colours and appearance.<br /><br />Keeps my reviewers happy <g><br /><br />It would be great, though, to have [rant]Adobe product A so integrated with Adobe product B[/rant] that a .pdf gained a list of conditions; nice idea, Cheryl!
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              4. You can already use the Find/Change facility to replace one condition with another (or to remove conditions either all at once or instance-by-instance). First copy the new condition (or the new "uncondition") to the clipboard and then search for conditional text and change by pasting.
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                When I put my cursor at the end of the sentence of conditional text and hit a <enter>, the paragraph tag turns unconditional. It would be great to have the feature returned to the R7.x ability to keep a section conditional when editing.
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                  Being able to search for conditions is useful, but would be that bit more comfortable with better feedback:
                  a) condition identifier displayed in the Find/Replace dialogue after you've selected it from the pull-down
                  b) condition on found text displayed in the status bar, without having to click in the found text and lose the selection