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    Thank you Adobe........NOT

      I personally wish to thank everyone at Adobe and especially the Board of fools. I appreciate you forcing me to use Windows Vista, and a product that is severely inferior to the original Macintosh product of FrameMaker. I especially appreciate that most of the features in Windows aren't even available in the "new" version. I like that I can not use all those nifty shortcuts that I spent years learning to make my job easier. Apparently Windows users are too dumb to use shortcuts? That must be your logic. Yes the new features are great, were you trying to increase job security by making us work longer on what is simple in the Mac version? Well, again, I thank you that I will be going back to my old "non-Intel" based Mac, running Classic, and will continue to use FrameMaker 7 for Mac and will not be using my copy of FrameMaker 8 as it is going in the trash. I refuse to work with a product that doesn't even have the same features. FrameMaker for windows is more of a Downgrade for me so for now I file it in the trash next to what I think of your intelligent developers and business practices. Fix this.
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          Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          What keyboard shortcuts (other than Mac-specific equivalents) are
          missing from the Windows version of the product? All of the same esc
          key shortcuts are there that have been available on all platforms
          since releases of at least 16 years ago. Did you know that there is an
          excellent utility available from Leximation (see
          http://www.leximation.com/tools/info/listshortcuts.php ) called
          ListShortcuts that will provide you with a listing of the over 1000
          keyboard shortcuts available in the Windows version. Also, FM8 does
          not require Vista, it runs just fine on XP and even Win2000 systems?

          If you care to elaborate on exactly which features you can't seem to
          find, then there may be a better understanding of what apparently
          might need to be fixed, in your opinion. Perhaps some other users may
          even have some suggestions on how they've overcome some of these
          perceived shortcomings.
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            My requirement to use Vista is because I have to document the product in Vista. I used to do this with a Mac running FM and Windows running the product. This is so I didn't have to lose screen real estate and computing resources.

            As for the list of shortcuts, I meant "real" shortcuts. The Escape functions are only like accessing the menu using the 'Alt' key. I never found that to be useful. The idiom should only be 1 step. Otherwise it's just as fast to use the mouse minus the time it took you to learn all those.

            How about Cmd-option-M for Master page view vs. Escape v -Shift m

            Why not just add the Ctrl+Alt+M for the same thing???? or better yet do like Photoshop and have customizable shortcuts.

            Not only does this say "Sorry Mac users, but you'll need to buy a PC" it tells them, "Oh and BTW the way you are used to working will be totally changed." Have fun....
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              Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Charles,<br /><br />A shortcut is a shortcut. What is so "unreal" about any keystroke<br />combination that does what you require?<br /><br />You currently already have (and always have had) the ability to modify<br />any keystroke combination in FM to whatever you want. <br /><br />Every FM keystroke combination is defined in the cmds.cfg file located<br />in the \fminit\configui folder. The wincmds.cfg file (in the same<br />folder) contains the Windows specific customizations for the<br />established keystroke functions. <br /><br />For example, if you wish to modify the command to view Master Pages to<br />ctrl+alt M (note that is the same number of keystrokes as esc v M,<br />which was originally defined in first version of FM on unix some twenty years ago - before there ever was a Mac or Windows version) you would simply insert or modify the following line in the wincmds.cfg file :<br /><br /> <Modify ViewMasterPages <KeySequence ^~+m>><br /><br />This has always been documented in the online manuals<br />Customizing_Frame_Products.pdf file (see the section titled "Changing<br />Menus and Commands").
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                Interesting comment, however I did not find any reference to the information you have given here. I searched the docs you reference and didn't see the line you were referring to. It doesn't exist on my system. This is all I see:<br />-- View Menu Commands --------------------------------------------<br /><Modify ViewQuickAccessBar<br />     <Label &QuickAccess Bar>><br /><br /><Command ViewFormattingBar<br />     <Label Formatting Bar><br />     <KeySequence \!vF><br />     <Definition \x902><br />     <Mode All> ><br /><br /><Modify GotoPage<br />     <KeySeqLabel Ctrl+G> ><br /><br />-- Table Menu Commands -------------------------------------------<br /><br />if your telling me this is how I customize this, where is the doc that lists the command you are referring to??? And why do I have to dig so deep into the app for something so simple?
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                  Arnis Gubins Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  You won't see the exact line because this the new modification that
                  you have to add to the wincmds.cfg file. The documentation describes
                  the grammar and syntax of what is required, while the cmds.cfg file
                  lists the pre-defined functions/commands/keystrokes that you can
                  modify. The other lines in the wincmds.cfg file give you examples of
                  modifications made. It's a point where you have to learn by example.
                  Some tips: ^ is the ctrl key, + is the shift key, ~ is the alt key, \!
                  is the esc key. If you want a simple GUI method to update the
                  interface, it unfortunately is not available to the best of my

                  You might want to have a look at the ToolBarPlus Express for FM from
                  Shlomo Perets at Microtype: http://www.microtype.com/ToolbarPlus.html

                  This provides some interesting customizations and you can modify these
                  to suite your particular needs.