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    Close All Open Files

    Stuart Wilkie Level 1
      When closing/saving multiple files, in FM8, it would be nice to be able to have the option of saving all or none. At present you have to cycle through every unsaved file. Very time consuming.
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          FieryPantone Level 3
          If you have a .book open, then esc, f, S saves all open files in the book. esc, f, C closes all open files but prompts you to save any unsaved changes. Haven't spotted a single command for "close and ignore changes", though.

          These nifty commands are also available if you hold down Shift before clicking on File in the menu bar.
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            IDEAS-Training Adobe Community Professional
            The Shift key with File menu "trick" to save open files not only works with .book files, but with any open Frame files.
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              FieryPantone Level 3
              Well I never! thanks, David.
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                4everJang Level 3
                When you have a book file and at least some of its chapter files (plus possibly some unrelated files) open, you have the choice between saving (or closing) all files in the book or all open files (including the book file and other files that may be open). Both use the same Shift key, which changes some entries in the File menu.

                If you have the bookfile selected, Shift + File menu brings up the extra commands "Open All Files in Book", "Close All Files in Book" and "Save All Files in Book". If you have any other file selected the same Shift + File menu brings up the command "Close All Files" and "Save All Files".

                Oh, I should add: if all open document windows are minimized, the commands are disabled. You need to have at least one window in non-minimized state. The commands do work on all files, including those with minimized document windows, though. This is a little bit awkward - probably nobody ever tried this at Adobe.

                Ciao from Amsterdam

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                  peter minneapolis Level 4
                  Hi, Jang:

                  Have you tried clicking a minimized book or file window to select it, then performing Shift+File? I'm not able to test this at the moment, but I believe the issue is not that all files are minimized, but that FM doesn't know which set of files - all files in one of several open books, or all non-book files. Without your selecting a specific set of open files, it's dangerous to save all; FM's default behavior is not to risk changing or losing user's content.


                  Peter Gold
                  KnowHow ProServices