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    FDK Frame performance : Ability to tell Frame NOT to import illustrations (but still print to TPS)

      We are currently benchmarking a process to automate the PDF creation of about 1000 pages with quite a lot of graphics. Because we put the graphic and frame size in the XML before loading into FrameMaker, FrameMaker does not need to import the graphics to determine the size and position of graphic frames and insets. Loading a 'dummy' graphic with the pre-calculated size instead of the original graphic file is sufficient. To generate the PDF it would be sufficient for FrameMaker to copy the graphic file content into the .tps and Distiller will do the final scaling and up or downsampling depending on the Distiller job options.
      We developed a method where during import of XML we load a dummy picture instead of the original filest and store the original filename as facet . This speeds up the process enormously but once we use the FDK to replace the 'dummys' with the original files, FrameMaker will import all the graphic files and this way we loose all the time we saved at XML import.

      We are looking for one of the following solutions:
      1. Is there a possibility in the FDK to set the referenced graphic file of a graphic inset without the side-effect that it is imported by FrameMaker.
      2. Is there a possibility to write a 'dummy' import filter that ignores the content of the file but keep the correct graphic file referenc on the graphic inset.

      Edwin Walter