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    FDK Frame Server: Ability to close Framemaker using custom DLL

      Description: We developed an asynchronous client DLL that starts up and connects to FrameMaker using a registered prog id. Everything works fine but we have the following problem: When the DLL disconnects from the FrameMaker process, FrameMaker can not be stopped but makes the FrameMaker process and the application hang. When the DLL is unloaded after disconnecting, then FrameMaker can be stopped normally. We like to know how to disconnect from the FrameMaker process in such a way that FrameMaker can be stopped normally without the requirement to unload the DLL first. This way we also want to be able to stop FrameMaker using the DLL.

      To connect and start-up the FrameMaker process we use the F_ApiWinConnectSession() function.
      To disconnect we call the F_ApiDisconnectFromSession() function.

      We tried different options with initializing COM and intializing the message filter using FDK and the F_ApiShutDown() function.

      Edwin Walter