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    Acrobat Setup request

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      I use FrameMaker 7.2; so, maybe this was fixed in versions 8 or 9.

      When I open the Acrobat Setup dialog box and select the Bookmarks tab, the Include list is populated with ALL the elements in the template. Typically, users want bookmarks to a limited, and small, number of elements, usually Header elements. Therefore, a better default behavior is to populate the EXCLUDE list with all the elements, rather than none. This makes the user move just a few elements to the Include list, rather than many elements to the exclude list.

      Note that, to my knowledge, there is no way to move multiple items between the two lists; therefore, the user must move most of the elements, one at a time, from the Include list to the Exclude list, which of course takes time.

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          Michael Müller-Hillebrand-basb7I Level 2
          With FrameMaker the Shift key does some magic from time to time. And it is available as long as I know FrameMaker

          In many lists available in FrameMaker dialogs, including the bookmarks list you talk of, if you hold down the Shift key before clicking one of the arrow buttons, all elements will be moved accordingly.

          Also try: Shift + the File menu, especially if you have a book open.

          - Michael
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            Art Campbell Level 3
            And, once the PDF properties are set, I believe it moves from one document to another because I think it's included in the Document Properties that travel when you do an Import > Formats from one file to another. (I'm not sure this works for all versions -- test it in yours.)

            But if it works, the PDF tagging should be set in your template and then carried forward for new docs.

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              The Shift key thing works, though one has to admit that is nonintuitive; a little note in the dialog box would be nice.


              I like your sugggestion; putting it in the template helps users to get the correct choices in the Include list.

              Thanks to both of you,
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                I've tried to import the document properties into other documents to see if this works with FM8, I've had no luck yet.. This would help considerably if we can get the bookmarks to stay set as I have about 30 styles but only use 5 as bookmarks.