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    Spell Checker

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      I would like to see Adobe add at least a passable spell checker. For example, if you transpose a couple of characters in pointer ("poitner") the top replacement options "peignoir", followed by such close matches as: "pander" (same first and last 2 letters), "buttoner", (same last 2 letters and they both have an 'o', an 'n', 't', as do thousands of other words, I assume random selection here), "bonder", and my favorite "bindery". "Pointer" is not even in the offered replacement list.

      I would like to see a focus on basics. It is hard to continually upgrade at $300-400 when so little attention is paid to such common features. When people translate .fm to .pfd and import into Word in order to achieve acceptable levels of spell-checker capability (as another poster on the web suggests is the best solution), something is absolutely lacking.