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    In Object Properties dialog box, modify "tab path"...

    R. VanDyke Level 1
      For FrameMaker versions up to and including 8 (and I suspect 9).

      Select a graphic, then click in sequence ESC g o to open the Object Properties dialog box. By default the dialog box opens with the insertion point in the Width text entry area.

      Now press TAB four times: The insertion point moves sequentially to the Height, Top, Left, and then Color text entry areas.

      I wish the last movement, to the Color text entry area, was replaced with movement to the Percent text entry area. This would enable me to use the keyboard to efficiently configure the size, position, and scaling of a graphic.

      As it is, I virtually never need to select the graphic's Color text entry area and the movement of the insertion point to that essentially useless tool drives me crazy: It makes me TAB all the way 'round the dialog box or grab the pointing device to get it to the Percent text entry area...