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    Filters for OpenDocument / OpenOffice

      I could today make use of the ability to import or export FrameMaker files in the OpenDocument standard used by OpenOffice and other open-source programs.

      This is but one aspect of a growing *requirement* for open, non-proprietary data storage formats.

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          I would like to add my support for import/export for ODT files.

          We have several contributing users/writers working in a Lotus Notes 8 environment, and they have variously indicated that being able to use their basic office tool-set (Notes) for writing/editing would fit well with their new workflow. Many Gen-Y/Z souls seem to thrive on a bit of this/that/the other in parallel, so that authoring/reviewing happens conjointly with e-mails, IM, texts and net research(?).

          Notes 8 includes a free Open Office word-processor (also sold stand-alone as Symphony -- a real blast from the past!) that is very capable, apart from paragraph numbering which is definitely a work-in-progress. And for the price, who's complaining :-)
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            Not really something to address from the FrameMaker end, but import/export/exchange integration with Adobe's new "Buzzword" would be a good sign ...