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    Fixing Blurry Equation Editor Objects

    asm0d Level 1
      Hi all!

      Many of the PPT presentations we convert to CBT make extensive use of equation editor objects. Unfortunately, these come out looking really blurry when Breeze compiles the presentation. Oddly, the blurriness goes away when PPT is set to "dim" the object after animation, which is the basis of our workaround:

      Change the equation editor object's "appear" animation options to "dim after animation", with the dim color set to whatever the object's original color is. The "fade-in" animation seems to work the best with this technique, but isn't required.

      To cause the object to dim immediately after it appears, you need to follow the "appear" animation with another animation that has its start timing set to occur "after previous". If you don't have another object animating with the equation editor object, you can always add a second "emphasis" animation, such as "grow/shrink", with the size set to 100% and the duration set to 0.1 seconds. When the presentation runs, the equation editor object 'dims' to its original color immediately after it appears, so the student never sees the original blurry object.


      ~Marc B.