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    LoadMovieNum and IE issue

    skalamichal Level 1
      Hi Everyone,

      I have really strange issue with the loadMovieNum method in flash 8 and IE browser.

      I try to load an external movie via URL from other domain as is the main movie location. The crossdomain.xml file is in the root of this remote server (this isn't the issue). So it looks, that everything is ok. But when I try to check the load status, the movie is loaded but it isn't displayed (running).

      I did a lot of test (really large research) and find out, that when I try to check, if the movie is loaded (example):
      if (_level3 != null && _level3._framesloaded > 0)
      the movie wont run.
      When I check this only with:
      if (_level3 != null)
      then the movie will run.

      I'm not able to access the script, because I haven't access to it. So other methods as getBytesLoaded() and getBytesTotal() aren't working. When I try to check only the property of the loaded movie everything is working fine in Firefox, Opera. But in IE not.

      It's possible to check, if I have access to the script of the loaded movie ?

      Strange is, that for some movies is this working fine even in IE.

      I have played the with IE settings and I find out, that when I set the check new version automaticaly option (in IE), then when I reloaded the page with the flash movie, the movie is loaded fine even in IE and the embedded movie is working fine. So I think, that this is not the security issue, but some bug with IE cache. Or in Firefox (if this shouldn't work at all).

      The same result I have got, when I publish the file local and try to run it. The local dir is in localTrusted sandbox, so this can't be issue that I'm not able to access network swf files.

      Is anybody who is able to help me ?



      I hope, I did explain it understandably .