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    Set focus

      I am creating a samll quiz kind of a thing wherin there will be a question on the stage along with four images(these are movieclips). User can click on any of the image and then click on next button in order to goto the next question.

      When user clicks on next button another question with four images comes on the stage.
      When user clicks on the next button I want the focus to be on first image(movieclip1).

      I have these movie clips on the stage: mc0, mc1, mc2, mc3
      And I am loading image on these movie clips with this: mcname.loadMovie("");

      Now how can i bring focus on the first movieclip on click of next button?
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          blemmo Level 1

          If the MC is on stage already when the button is clicked, it can be placed in the button code, otherwise it should be on the frame that has mc0.

          Does focusing an MC do anything at all? Visually?
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            veiky Level 1
            focusing an MC dont does not do anything.

            Selection.setfocus does not serve the purpose when using screen reader.

            any suggestion?