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    Bug only on Mac player

      I have a web site that builds content based on xml files. I have a function I can call that builds the xml described content in the movie clip passed to the funciton. Eg: buildContent(clip_mc,target_xml);

      In order to have what essentially works like a pop up inside the flash player, I have the following general idea. I have two clips: clip1_mc (depth =n) clip2_mc (depth>n). There are times when I have contents in clip1_mc, and the user presses a button that calls for me to build contents into clip2. So clip 1 was built using the buildContent(clip1_mc, itsXML), and clip2 is then built with the same function. Something like buildContent(clip2_mc,clip2XML).

      On a pc this works without any hitches, or problems at all. On a macintosh the contents build into clip2_mc but it completely removes clip1_mc's contents as well. The result is that if a user pulls up the contents that go into clip2_mc, the rest of the site is ruined.

      Does the mac player have differences with maximum depths or anything of that nature? That would be my guess. If anyone can help with some information on this bug I would be very grateful.