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    Highlighting bookmarks

      Does anyone know how to highlight the bookmark to whcih the link jumps???

      Can it be done through a javascripts or through CSS...
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          Ben Minson Level 2
          Can you give us a little more information? For example, do you mean to highlight the text after the bookmark with some color? You can't really do any formatting of the bookmark itself, because it's just an anchor tag without content.

          If you're talking about formatting of text that comes immediately after the bookmark/anchor, it should be sufficient to create a new style in your style sheet and then apply that style to the text.

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            BraulioFerns Level 1
            I want to highlight the text (bookmark) to which the link jumps...

            For example, if i have a word "abc" linked to an anchor "pqr" in the same page, then when i click on "abc", the word "pqr" should be highlighted.

            This is specially helpful in a page in which the anchor is at the bottom of the page and the viewer of the document will not be to clear as to where the link has been redirected.
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              RoboWizard Level 4
              Hi there

              You will probably have a dickens of a time coaxing the behavior you desire.

              It's worth noting that if there is enough data on the page, it will always scroll to position the bookmark at the top of the browser. We often see that a bookmark is far enough toward the bottom of the page that the page cannot scroll to position the bookmark properly. But this is easily overcome by inserting lots of white space at the bottom of the page.

              And yes, the white space will cause an extra page or so to be ejected from the printer if the user decides to print the on-line page.

              Cheers... Rick