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    Streaming sound problem

      Hi you all.
      I have develop this audio player which does the streaming and playing songs on this indie portal. The problem is, some songs sounded like alvin the chipmunk singing. If you could go to www.gundu.com.my and click any of the playbutton on the songs list, you'll see what I mean.

      In the coding I just use the normal mysound.loadsound, start and play actionscript 2.0 stuff. Could the movie frame rate (I use the default 14fps) be the culprit here?

      If you click on the song title instead, you'll be directed to the song profiling page and here the song will be played by a different player (free from the net. Thanks to JW) and the song played correctly.

      I am definitely missing something here. Does the music bit rate play a role here?

      Thank you in advance.