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    App running on air runtime no longer supported

    tony0000000 Level 1

      I have a application which is running on a air runtime no longer supported, this occurred over the weekend, the app is running 1.0.M6 (which i think is the last beta before it went to 1)

      Anyway I've not had time to keep this app up to date and now I have many customers which have the message "This application requires a version of Adobe Air which is no longer supported. Please contact the application author for a updated version" appear on their desktops every time their pc starts, but as the app starts up as invisible there is no immediate clue to the user what application has caused this error or who to contact.

      Also as the runtime does not even attempt to run the application there is no way I can update this app using its own update process. I'm pretty certain that the app does not use any api's which have changed so it should run ok if the current air runtime attempted to run it.

      Instead of providing the error message above would it be possible that you could display a message saying something to the effect that the app is running on an unsupported runtime and may not function as intended and then allow the app to continue to run. This way any update processes can run and the application author has a chance of updating the app. If that's not possible would it be possible for the error message to give the user the opportunity of either uninstalling the app or removing it from the start up as I imagine this could get quite irritating for them if they receive this error message every time there machine starts up.