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    This is no fun (FMS)

    DazFaz Level 1
      Hi guys,

      I realise that this question would appear to be in the wrong place but Im not having any joy what so ever from the Flash Media Blog so I thought I would pose it here to see if I can get any better results.

      I have a real mind bending problem to solve and pretty quick too.

      Ok, on to the problem.

      Lets say I have one of your presenter chat apps running on the FMS . I want to invite unique visitors to multiple presentation using the same app at the same time.

      I have created an app that has an events diary within it, this catalogues multiple users each with a user name and password.

      What I want to do is be able to start a meeting/presentation and then the unique invited users are able to login through the app I have created and then be pointed to that unique presentation.

      Questions are:

      Can the same server side presentation app be used for multiple presentations where the stream is split? For example, 3 users in presentation room 1 and then 5 users in presentation room 2. (same FMS app in the same directory, being used for both presentations)
      If this can be done then is there a way of making sure that the 3 users flagged up for the presentation in room 1, end up in presentation room 1 after logging in, and then when the 5 users that are needed to be in room 2, enter room 2 only after logging in?

      In short I need a way to make sure that users go to the right presentation rooms when they log in through the application I have created.

      Any help what so ever would be really appreciated as Im not getting any answers from any other blogs where I have posed the same question.

      Thank you again for all your help.