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    Spry Autosuggest Selection

      Arrowing to an item in the auto suggest menu and pressing enter doesn't take me to take me to the page linked. I am able to arrow down, and if I click on it with my cursor the link functions (even though these links are just to invalid files).

      I guess my question becomes "what is being selected when I arrow down from one term to the next?" with a follow up of "what actions can I have take place when a user arrows down from one item to the next?"

      At http://labs.adobe.com/technologies/spry/samples/autosuggest/SuggestSample.html it functions like a jump menu would (no link to follow, but the menu reacts when the user arrows down to an item and hits enter).

      Any ideas? I'm using a list method. http://www.mtidry.com/dev2008/about/