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    Link in help file to PDF

      Using RoboHTML x3, I set up a link to a PDF in my help file. (I don't care whether the file opens in the CHM frame or in a separate target=_blank window.) When I preview using the glasses button, the PDF displays fine. After compiling, when trying to open the PDF from the CHM, Internet Explorer cannot display the web page.

      Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
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          Have you added the .pdf to your baggage? This is necessary to include it in the .chm.

          If you want it to be an external file (i.e. completely independent of your compiled help) then you need to treat it differently. Since the help reader navigates with absolute paths, you must use the Microsoft parser function to find an external file even when it is in the same folder. This is documented in the Help Workshop help file. It is also in Rick Stone's Tips and Tricks file. Let us know where the .pdf is to reside - compiled in the .chm or external to it.

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            Thanks, John. Adding the PDFs to the baggage folder and removing the target=_blank attribute from the code allowed this to work. I appreciate your help!