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    View scale apparently incorrect

      I have used Illustrator since AI 7 but have recently begun using CS3 on a new Macbook Pro.

      This is such a ridiculous issue which I have never experienced before that I reckon there must be something I've forgotten but if so it beats me what it is.

      As we all know, Command-1 is the shortcut for Actual Size (100%), I never use the menu for zooms. However, currently the screen image is clearly NOT 100% but something around 75%. Actual Size is checked in the View menu and 100% is displayed in the title bar and at the bottom of the window.

      I check the document setup to make sure that I didn't make a mistake there and it's as it should becorrect size in the correct units.

      I use the menu instead of the shortcut and the result is the same. The image is definitely NOT 100%.

      What have I forgotten guys?
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          Larry G. Schneider Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          Monitor resolution. On my 24" Samsung digital set to 1920x1200, actual size is 137% on the screen.
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            Vernox Level 1
            The software assumes a 72 dpi monitor, most are around 96 or so now, so 100% is undersize.

            It been a pain for several years now.

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              jdpetty Level 1
              Thanks guys. Your comments make sense. It must be coincidence that I've never encountered this before. Yeah, Vern, you're right; a pain (like too many things in CS3).

              Adobe software used to be excellent but in recent years it's started to get a bit shabby I think.
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                JETalmage Level 6
                Monitor dot pitch is all over the place these days.

                On my Windows machine, AI's rulers view at about 75% "actual size" at 100%. But set Acrobat to "100%" and the zoom measures about 133%.

                On my little Acer netbook, with its 8.7" screen, of course, everything is smaller at "100%". On the newer Acer netbooks, everything will be slightly larger, because those screens measure 10" diagonal, but have the same number of pixels.

                Photoshop, of course, display of so-called 100% means one screen pixel for every image pixel--so "100%" is a different size for different resolution images.

                It's all much ado about nothing. It's just a matter of what zoom level is zoomed to when you select "100%". No matter how Adobe or any other software vendor sets that zoom, it would still differ on different monitors/computers. I personally don't want Illustrator using 96 screen pixels to display an inch of the page. I certainly don't want my netbook to display "actual size" either.

                I dare say that your never having "encountered" this before is really more a matter of simply not having noticed it before--which kinda supports that it's really nothing to fret over.