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    project canceled or unable to run project ....cpd


      Since this morning, when I try to open my project (RH 7 Html) I've the message "Opening project has been canceled or application is not able to open project d:\........... . cpd
      If I reboot Xp, I also loose my connection to RoboSource control 3.1, and must recreate it.
      With 2 others pc, it continues to work fine
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          lmarden Level 2
          Good morning, and welcome to the forums.

          Sounds like you just have to rebuild the .cpd file. This is a relatively easy and safe thing to do, but as in all troubleshooting exercises, I would heartily recommend that you back up your project first.

          Then, in Windows Explorer, rename the <project>.cpd file in your project directory. I typically rename mine from accounting.cpd to accounting.BAD (my project file is called ACCOUNTING.)

          You could delete it too, but that's just a personal preference.

          Then, double click on the project .XPJ file to open the project in RoboHelp. It may take several minutes before you can do anything in there, but let the program work without interference - it is reindexing / rebuilding the Access database that acts sort of like a traffic cop behind the scenes - the .CPD file.

          Good luck.
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            Fifiru Level 1
            I'd tried this. But in this case, i've a message "the folder is in read mode only".

            I've repared the installation of Source control, it seems to be correct now.

            Thank you LMarden
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              Thank you so much! I've spent the better part of today trying to figure why RoboHelp was crashing. The .cpd file was the problem. Very thankful for the user forum. You saved me.