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    Playing Quicktime Movie on Web.. Please Help..

      Alrighty, So after some research and hours of experimenting with different variables I am still at a loss. Hopefully can get some direction or suggestions here.
      At many points in my score a quicktime movie comes up on a certain frame. I have made projectors in both Mac and Windows with out a hitch and all works great. As soon as I create a shockwave/html files and upload them to my website when it gets to the quicktime frame one of two things happen. If I select "streaming" in the quicktime members property options the movie with start to play and repeat itself quickly over and over and slowly get longer and longer between the loops until finally it will loop the entire movie.. Not my favorite option because some of my videos have audio and it just seems weird in general. So I remove the "streaming" option in the cast member property and then the movie just never plays. I have waited a long time to make sure it still not downloading but that is not the case.. There are a ton of variables I am working with here and I dont know what will work..
      Long story short is that Id like to loop on a frame that displays some text saying "loading movie" while the movie downloads and then jumps to that frame when its done.. Ive done that and tried using all the "Streaming" Library pallet scripts built into director including "Jump to frame when media is ready" but still nothing seems to work.. I have tried using the preloadnetThing but once the file is loaded and jumps to play it nothing shows up.. just a blank screen..
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          Did you add the Quicktime Xtra to your Director movie?
          Modify> Movie> Xtras> "QT6Asset.x32" ( Director 11 )
          and make sure to check "include in projector"?
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            jshanh Level 1
            I may have for got to mention this is a shockwave movie for the web. not a standalone projector.
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              I have had similar problems. I have not experienced the looping problem but I very often experience the problem of Quicktime not playing in Shockwave.I think that I can solve the second part of your problem ( if I understand it correctly).
              You can make a streaming progress sprite for quicktime that indicates to the end user what percentage of the Quicktime movie has streamed. The sprite appears as a small box that shows a 1 then a 2 then a 3 etc up to 100. You can of course make another text sprite that tells the user what the numbers mean e.g. % streamed.
              Make a text sprite and leave it blank (this text sprite will show the appropriate number during enduser viewing) name the member stream display. Name the Quicktime member swing 1a and put it in the timeline. Right click on the quicktime sprite in the stage window and in the resulting pop up menu select Script . In the Script window write the following script
              on exitFrame me
              member("stream display").text=\