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    Need help with Flex, BlazeDS and Spring

      I have a configured Flex-Blaze-Spring application. I can call a remote method on a Spring bean and pipe its results, (list of pojos), to a DataGrid and the grid displays the data. The remote object is defined with a <mx:> tag, defining a handler function that pipes the result as ArrayCollection to the DataGrid's data provider. I now want to perform another call to the remote Spring bean, but this time define the remote object in ActionScript, and pipe the results to a ArrayCollection variable that I can then iterator thru and pick off values from attributes of the objects in the ArrayCollection. I can't set access, my collection seems to be empty. Here is some code:

      public var gameRO:RemoteObject;
      public var weeksGameList:ArrayCollection;

      public function makePickGrid():void {

      var pickGrid:Grid = new Grid();
      var gRow:GridRow = new GridRow();
      var gItem:GridItem = new GridItem();
      var cb:CheckBox;

      gameRO = new RemoteObject();
      gameRO.destination = "gameService";
      gameRO.getWeeksGames.addEventListener( ResultEvent.RESULT, getWeeksGamesResultHandler );
      gameRO.addEventListener( FaultEvent.FAULT, handleFault );
      gameRO.getWeeksGames( curWeek.selectedItem );
      for each (var game:Object in weeksGameList) {
      cb = new CheckBox();
      cb.label = game.awayTeam;
      gItem.addChild( cb );
      gRow.addChild( gItem );
      pickGrid.addChild( gRow );
      pickPanel.addChild( pickGrid );

      public function getWeeksGamesResultHandler(event:ResultEvent):void {
      weeksGameList = event.result as ArrayCollection;

      What am I missing here? Thanks for any help!!